Friday Favorites #2: It’s the little things

January is flying by and, honestly, I am feeling incredible after a few weeks of successful new year challenges. Crazy what hydration, exercise, and sobriety can accomplish, eh? This week I’ve been considering some of the little things that help me make the most of every day – here are my picks:

  • Evil Queen Candles
    My roommate Spencer finds the coolest shops and gives incredible gifts. Over Christmas, she introduced me to Evil Queen by gifting me a fun, fruity-pebbles scented candle. The company is awesome, woman-owned, and reps the sassiest branding. I love it. I tend to always buy the same candles – wood or campfire scents generally – so this sweet smell has been a fun departure. Check them all out here.
  • Pop Sockets
    If you think you don’t know what a pop socket is, you probably just don’t know that’s what it’s called. They’re everywhere! It’s that little thing that attaches to the back of your phone case and has a pop out piece to help you hold your phone. This sounds useless and silly, but it is seriously life-changing. I got my first from a vendor at a conference and quickly upgraded to a “real" one when I realized it was here to stay. Best part? They’re so cheap AND you can find them on Amazon.
  • Cowshed Chapstick
    Raise your hand if you get chapped lips every winter. Raise both hands if you freaking hate it. I know. This year I’m finally using something other than the traditional, blue label ChapStick to combat it. No hate to ChapStick, but upgrading to a nicer lip balm makes all the difference. Now it feels like a treat, not a chore. Right now I’m using¬†Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm from Cowshed and love it. I’ve heard amazing things about Bite’s Agave Lip Balm, too, so that’s up next.
  • Contigo Water Bottle
    I love Contigo. I’ve had a variety of Contigo bottles over the year, but my current fave is their 20 oz. “Shake & Go" tumbler with a built-in straw. Rather than carry a water bottle back and forth from work, I keep one of these at home and one on my desk at work. I love having the straw because it makes it so easy to mindlessly drink water while I work. To help meet my water goals every day, I force myself to finish two full bottles before leaving work. (And then plan to have at least one when I get home.) Love it.
  • Health-Ade Kombucha
    I jumped on the kombucha train a few months ago and there’s just no turning back. I’m not here to debate the health benefits (or lack thereof) – I just think it tastes great and helps me feel great. As I participate in Dry January, kombucha has made for a nice treat with dinner in place of a glass of wine. Health-Ade is my brand of choice so far and I haven’t really found a flavor I don’t like. Power Greens and Maca-Berry are my go-to’s though!

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